Regular monitoring and reporting will be provided throughout the project, based on the aims and objectives agreed from all participating partners during the set up phase of the project. You can review on the Pilot pages what each pilot is working towards.

We will also:

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  • Produce six-monthly reports which are reviewed by the Pilots, the Steering Group, and the AEC Trust Board.
  • Regularly communicate with a nominated lead for the project from each pilot participant, who is the day-to-day contact for the LocalED team. The Isos Partnership will seek to engage with local areas monthly, and will also be bringing all local areas involved in pilots together on a six-monthly basis to reflect on progress project-wide.
  • Ask local areas to participate in the external evaluation of the pilots at regular points during the two years, including practice-sharing sessions at the end of years one and two.

External Evaluation

There will also be an independent external evaluation, which will review three strands:

  • The locality dimension of the pilots
  • The pilots individually
  • The impact of the support provided

In October 2023, an external evaluation report reflecting on the first year of the Project was published by the University of Nottingham and led by Professor Toby Greany and Dr Susan Cousin.

The evaluation asks: ‘What are we learning about leading successful locality working?’ Data was collected via interviews, focus groups, observations, analysis of documentary evidence and a survey. Informed by a literature review, the evaluation focuses on the following four areas, which have been shown to be important for successful locality working.

You can download the full report here.

Summary report

There will be a comprehensive report of the Project published in July 2024. It will draw on the material from the external evaluation and the six monthly progress reports alongside the views of the Steering Group.

The report will cover three areas:

  • The locality dimensions of the pilots
  • The learning from the pilots individually
  • The impact of the support provided

Where appropriate, the report will draw out implications for policy making.