Posted 1st March 2022.

We are delighted to be able to announce the 9 successful pilots below.

The Project was extremely grateful to have 18/19  expressions of interest.  More than 10% of localities thought it to be important at a time when the school system has been wrestling with the Covid 19, the uncertainties of Department for Education future plans and despite the fact the Project was not offering additional funding. We think it demonstrates a real thirst for trying new models of locality working.

We had only one bid from a combined authority, but given that there are only 9 currently that is not surprising. We are very pleased to proceed with the one from North of Tyne which was a strong one. A number of good bids were unsuccessful because we thought it was important to test the approaches in a range of settings.

We have been very pleased that we have been able to achieve a good balance of counties, cities, large and small and one combined authority all of which have demonstrated the capacity and commitment to try new approaches. This was not a prime concern, but there is also a good spread of political leadership.

We think the pilots will benefit a lot of from working together. We will be seeking ways to share experience with all who wish to. At a minimum we will be planning a conference at the end of the first year and, at the end of the second, to which all will be invited. We will at that point have interim external evaluation to assist us.

Pilot 1: Support for vulnerable young people

  1. Wakefield
  2. Wiltshire 
  3. Rochdale
  4. Coventry

Pilot 2: Exploring the potential of working across Combined/Sub Regional Authorities as the basis for supporting the improvement of all schools,

  1. North of Tyne Combined Authority 

Pilot 3: Towards a new model of accountability

  1. Surrey Schools Alliance for Excellence (SAfE)
  2. Ealing .Ealing Learning Partnership Lead contact
  3. Sheffield.Learn Sheffield
  4. Milton Keynes. Education Partnership.